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The Big Academy allows schools access to the best learning resources available to improve the employability of young people. Looking for apprentices? Our platform unites Schools, Young People and Employers with one goal... matching the best candidates to the best opportunity! (More About Us)

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If you're a training provider we can help completely revolutionize the way your business works and operates.

We offer a bespoke recruitment control panel that's invaluable to your business. We'll work with you and help you source suitable leads and get the most out of your control panel. To find out more please get in touch.

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If you are not an employer filling vacancies for your company and are not a provider seeking starts for your own programmes then you will need to set up an account that is structured to support your needs and manage the expectations of the applicant.

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  • "I felt lost when asked to build a CV, but my Big Academy profile shows the best I have to offer, I had more going for me than I thought!"

    - Matthew Boughton (Job Seeker)

  • "We're impressed with the VOOCs, students can evidence them in their profiles which helps them apply for apprenticeships and traineeships."

    - Janet Stevens (Careers Lead, Bourneville)

  • "We now take more control over how we engage with apprentices, we are working closer with local schools and the recruitment process is clearer."

    - Kate Andrews (Employer)

  • "Fitting in my careers role with my other duties is a challenge, the Big Academy gave me the tools to manage our careers activity, it simply works!"

    - Joanne Hodge (Careers Advisor)

  • "With the help of the Big Academy I can track areas like careers advice, work experience, e-Learning & alumni, I am more confident now."

    - Micheal Lane (Head Teacher)

  • "I was confused over the best options for my child, the Big Academy helped and answered my questions, I’ve even taken some online courses!"

    - Patricia Cassidy (Parent)

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