Apprenticeship Opportunities

Recruitment of Apprenticeships is no different to recruiting more senior or experienced staff, you will always want the best candidate for the job!

Unfortunately too many organisations dealing with finding young people suitable employment rely on cheap labour figures, or government incentives like wage subsidies to encourage employers to recruit school leavers. At the Big Academy we provide employers with a free recruitment service, free use of our web site and network, but we will always encourage employers to pay the National Minimum Wage, rather than the Apprentice minimum which is currently £3.30 or so less per hour. A fair days pay, for a fair days work! Obviously, the decision on the hourly rate is down to the employer, all other Government led incentives and offers will be provided too, but we see the candidate selected for the job as the real benefit not incentives or reduced labour costs.

Our young people are always looking for other types of job vacancies too, including part time and full time work, internships, volunteering, seasonal work and apprenticeships. If you have any vacancies that you can advertise to our young people, our website shows a bank of opportunities that they can access when they are logged into their account. They can then apply via the website or directly to you by sending their CV.

Work Experience Opportunities

The Big Academy is currently working in schools and colleges, helping to prepare the next generation for the world of work. These students are the workforce of the future so it is important that we get them ready NOW to become the employees that we want for our companies. We can give them the information and guidance they need to choose a career that suits their capabilities and interests, but we need employers like you to help them develop their practical skills, get them into work and give them some actual work experience.

At the Big Academy you can advertise your jobs for free, all you need to do is register. We can also work with you directly to assist you in finding the candidates for work experience placements.

If you can offer our students a work experience placement, whether it is as a 2 week block or one day a week, then we need to hear from you! The practical skills that the students could develop by spending time in a real working environment is invaluable to them and could really help to get them started on their journey into employment and raise their aspirations. It can also help you demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and raise your profile in the local community as well as providing opportunities for staff development. Download our work experience guide for more information.

Benefits of Using the Big Academy

Hopefully by this point you've seen the Big Academy way, but if you still need persuading then take a look at what else you'll get out of working with us:

  • Cut your recruitment costs.
  • Take the time and effort out of recruitment, let us do the leg work so you don't have to. We'll find the best candidates for your business.
  • Make a difference to young people and help them to raise their aspirations.
  • Have the chance to recognise potential talent for your business.
  • Play your part in helping to solve the youth employment crisis and raise your profile both locally and nationally.