Work experience is a valuable part of a student’s personal development and the Big Academy believes in doing it properly for them to get the best out of it!

Our education team deliver a programme of ten structured workshops to fully prepare students for work experience, so they understand exactly what they will be doing and why it is important. We don’t believe in throwing them straight in at the deep end without teaching them how to swim first!

The innovative workshops cover all aspects of the world of work through interactive fun tasks such as games, matching exercises, role play, quizzes, carousel work and group discussion. We don’t just prepare them for work experience now, but for the future too!

Each of the ten workshops is designed to last about 2 hours, focussing on different aspects of work, but this can be tailored to suit your timetable and student needs. We also have a one-day workshop which gives a comprehensive introduction to the world of work, how to apply for jobs, preparation for interviews and how to set targets for personal and career development.

Email to request a quote or find out more, you can also click here to download a sample of our learning materials.

List of Workshops We Offer