Start a Business

Few things in life can provide the same thrill as starting and running your own business. But starting a business is a huge gamble, the odds of success are often stacked against you.

Running a business, is not like you see on the Dragons Den, The Apprentice etc it's certainly not a route to take if you want instant gratification or are not prepared to work all the hours in the world, and then some! Business is serious, the process needs planning, preparation and brilliant execution. You need to seek advice, guidance and support in areas such as sales & marketing, finance, legal, and health & safety to name but a few.

We've teamed up with Start Up Donut, and created an online resource designed to guide you through the various stages of starting a business. We will be adding links and access to more information as this section grows. If you would like a chat before you take the plunge email us on one of our business team will call you and give you some impartial advice.

Good luck with your venture and remember to keep us informed on your progress...

Online Resources