Meet the Team

Adrian Oldfield

Chairman & Chief Executive

A self-professed meglomaniac and keen proponent of political incorrectness, Adrian's can-do attitude and experience in the recruitment sector means the rest of us will always have something to do when we shuffle into the office on a monday morning half asleep and grumpy.

Andrew Orme

Commercial Director

With experience in Digital Media and work-based learning, Andrew provides guidance and leadership to the sales team as they work with training providers. Despite his unconditional support for Liverpool FC, his positive contribution to the Big Academy is indisputable.

Luke "The Sheriff" Harrison

Creative Director

The true brains behind the Big Academy and by a complete coincidence the author of this text, The Sheriff is the Big Academy's resident web design guy and all-round genius. Known for turning up to the office in a different sports car every day, Luke is an essential cog in the Big Academy's wheel of creativity.

Barry Harley

Lead Web Developer

Simply put, Barry's job at the Big Academy is to keep the website up and running, he deals with all the complicated technical stuff. This isn't always easy, in fact it's almost always hard. Luckily for us Barry relishes the challenge, just don't ask him why your computer isn't working whilst he's at it.

Zoot The Alien

Inter-Dimensional Advisor

A little blue extraterrestrial from the 5th Dimension, Zoot the Alien has travelled here using his Inter-Dimensional Star Portal to teach us humans a thing or two about inspiring our young people. Be on your best behaviour and he may even share the secret of eternal life.

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Hugo Swaby

Finance Director

Hugo is our resident bean counter. With over 15 years of experience at board level across several sectors, his stewardship is critical to our growth and investment ambitions. We just wish his favourite word wasn't "NO!"